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Keller Williams Realty was founded by Gary Keller and Joe Williams with the mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth livingĀ® for its associates. Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the largest real estate franchise company in North America, with approximately 700 offices and 90,000 associates around the world.

The company has grown exponentially since the opening of the first Keller Williams Realty office in 1983, and continues to cultivate an agent-centric, education-based, technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders.

The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes and commercial real estate properties. More so than ever before, real estate professionals are turning to Keller Williams Realty for the education, coaching, technology, culture and wealth building opportunities that are redefining their potential and powering their careers toward new heights.

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Meet the Team

Keller Williams Realty Leaders

Gary Keller

Gary KellerCo-founder and Chairman of the Board

As chairman of the board for Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller helps provide strategic direction for the company, while serving as a visionary leader within the North American real estate industry.

Mark WillisBoard of Directors

Recognized industry wide as an influential leader, Mark Willis is renowned for his passion, leadership and steadfast commitment to consistently producing a high level of achievement.

Mary TennantBoard of Directors

Mary helps define the mission and vision for the Keller Williams international support center and raise the bar for the entire company in terms of profits, production, technological leadership, culture and education.

Mo AndersonVice Chairman

Mo Anderson is the heart and truly beloved leader of Keller Williams Realty. Her personal integrity and unending drive are touchstones that have made Keller Williams Realty one of the most successful franchises in real estate history.

Chris HellerCEO

Chris's determination, relationship-building skills and extreme success in real estate make him an ideal leader for a global real estate giant.


Known for his enthusiastic approach to leadership and endless energy, a dynamic and resourceful leader with a track record of success.

Dianna KokoszkaCEO of KW MAPS

Responsible for providing unbeatable training material and building the most powerful coaching program in the industry takes passion with purpose.

Jim TalbotCOO

Instrumental in driving the global headquarters' growth objectives and operations, while leading the delivery of innovative education, training and technology.

About KW

Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise company with more than 100,000 real estate agents, operating in 700 offices across the globe.